Techincal questions
Please read carefully our installation manual. This document can be requested by sending an email to info@braingaze.eu if you did not receive a link with your order confirmation.
BGaze ACE software works with Microsoft Windows version 7 or higher. Other operating systems (Apple macOS, Linux, Android and Apple's iOS) are not yet supported.

You can use the system without an Internet connection but your BGaze ACE needs a reliable internet connection for installing updates and generation of reports. We need some ports to be open - specifically ports 1433, 9010, 82, 433 and 22. These are normally open in most systems; however especially in larger clinics your IT department may have closed them.

You can check whether your port is open or not through this link https://portchecker.co/

We have a known issue with the AVG anti-virus software. If you have this antivirus installed in your computer, you need to add an exception that allows our software to connect with our online data interpretation server.

In other cases, you may need to temporarily disable the antivirus software. Please contact your regular IT support staff for details - it's not a complicated thing to do for people with some IT knowledge.

  • Go to menu
  • Go to settings
  • In general tab, click over Exceptions
  • Click over browse
  • Select C:\Program Files x86\Braingaze folder and click OK
  • Finally click OK
This error occurs because Windows 7 does not have the updated SSL extensions. To solve the problem, just install this extension and retry installing BGaze ACE.
In the launch screen you click on '(re)set password and you will be taken through a process to reset your password.
  • bgaze.com: 1433 : SQL server for queries.
  • bgaze.com: 9010 : General system service.
  • bgaze.com: 22 : Sftp server to upload files via sftp.
  • bgaze.com: 82 : Web server to download files via http.
Subscription related questions
If you want to cancel your subscription please contact us by email (info@braingaze.com). Your subscription will be terminated according to the contractual agreements. We do not provide refunds.
You can either pay directly on our website or you can ask us to send you a payment email with payment link. Either way, your payment must be received for the BGaze ACE software use to be activated.

In Europe, several countries do not apply VAT to medical professions (e.g. in Spain). As a consequence clinics cannot recover VAT they pay in Spain.

As a general rule we need to charge VAT to any client in Europe, wherever the client is located. The only exception is that of a VAT susceptible intercommunitary registered business or freelancer based within the EU but outside Spain. To qualify, your VAT number needs to be registered in this database:


If your VAT number is registered here, then our online shop will automatically apply a 0% VAT rate. You may still however need to pay this VAT in your own country - talk to your local tax advisor for details.

In some cases, our online shop does not automatically generate the appropriate VAT invoice you may need. Please in that case drop us an email at info@braingaze.eu stating your order number and 'VAT' in the subject line - we will provide you with the correct invoice shortly.
Clinical questions
Yes. The scoring of BGaze ACE interview is based on the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and on the ICD-10 diagnostic criteria. On top of that we offer an AI optimized based criteria. Scoring outcomes are visualized in report.

BGaze ACE semi-structured interview is taken from the well-known ACE and ACE+ ADHD diagnostic protocols published by Psychology Limited in the UK. These are semi-structured interviews authored by Dr Susan Young, a leading expert on ADHD diagnosis.

The ACE and ACE+ protocols have been used in thousands of clinical diagnostic processes in over 15 countries across the world.

The BGaze ACE can be used for the assessment of children between 7 and 17 years of age and for adults, i.e > 18 years of age.
BGaze platform questions
Braingaze is presently developing other language versions of BGaze ACE. If you have an interest to acquire a version in your language, please let us know about your interest by sending us an email at info@braingaze.eu. Based on the interest received we will prioritize the translation work.
Please check you Internet connections. Faulty connection may cause a failure in the generation of the report.
The 18 questions assessing ADHD symptomology are scored according the DSM-5 or ICD-10 diagnostic criteria. We provide our own BGaze score obtained in our clinical validation study. We apply AI methods that weights each question differently. The BGaze score significantly reduces the false positive rate and improves accuracy.
Yes. You can adapt and edit the summary diagnostic report. The report is saved as a MS .doc format. This fully editable Word document includes your clinic logo as well as patient-specific data and the results obtained from the evaluation; it is entirely modifiable to allow the addition of personal notes and considerations.
Preguntas relacionadas con el panel de control

If you want your emails to be customized with your clinic information, create a clinic from the Clinics section of your control panel.

This option is only available if you already have a license.

Click on "New clinic"

Click on "Create clinic"

Enter the clinic information and click on "Save"

Next, access the Licenses section and select the license to which you want to assign the clinic.

In the new menu that appears, click on "Set clinic"

Select the previously created clinic

Click on the "Set this clinic to the license" button

With this procedure, the clinic will be associated with the corresponding license and the emails sent from the BGaze platform will be personalized with the information entered.