BGaze Light: AI empowered accessible diagnostic solution for ADHD

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BGaze Light explained

BGaze Light is a downloadable software solution that facilitates the process of diagnosing mental health disorders. It uses specifically trained Artificial Intelligence algorithms to interpret the data collected and offer you optimal diagnostic accuracy and objectivity. This easy-to-use software allows you to do a complete clinical diagnosis of ADHD with minimal hassle offering the best patient experience. The whole workflow is DSM-V and ICD-10 compliant, but on top of that provides an additional unique level of data interpretation using Artificial Intelligence to support your decision making.

How it works in practice

BGaze Light makes the process of collecting input from up to 6 informants (like parents, teachers, sports coaches, colleagues) very easy. Each of them is invited to a unique password protected link online, allowing to quickly and privately provide their symptom rating scale answers using their smartphone or tablet.
Inside BGaze Light you can also let patients perform an advanced Continuous Performance Test (CPT) based on a Posner task that forces subjects to actively control and direct their attention. This CPT offers you response time statistics, error frequencies and especially response time variability.
Doing the ACE semi-structured interview while having all informants' feedback on your own screen (computer, tablet or smartphone) ensures that you as a mental healthcare professional can take all their feedback into account when contemplating your own observations and final assessment. When you're finished, a fully detailed pdf report provides your patient with an easy to read yet professional data-rich report that reflects the quality of your clinical work.
BGaze Light offers you a maximum of objectivity embedded in a smooth diagnostic process without any additional investment in hardware. BGaze Light requires a one-time secure software download & installation that you can easily execute on your own PC with Windows OS. All data is stored in secure encrypted databases and the system complies with the most stringent privacy rules such as HIPAA and GDPR.

How to purchase BGaze Light

Full flexibility

Each month

69€ /month

If you prefer the flexibility to decide each month if you want to continue to use BGaze Light, then this pack is ideal for you.

At a monthly cost of 69 € you can sign up any time you want and you can end your subscription (with 1 month advance notice) anytime by email.

Annual cost saver

For larger practices

49€ /month
We value your longer term commitment; if you sign up for 12 months of use then we charge you only 49 € per month (so a one year cost of 588 € which we charge in advance at the start of the 12 month period). We'll remind you well in advance of the end of your one year subscription if you want to continue your contract or not.

BGaze Clinic

For larger practices

290€ /month
If the size of your clinic permits, then consider investing in BGaze Clinic  which offers our patented eye tracker biomarker capability. BGaze Clinic for the moment is only available in certain geographies (Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and some other EU countries)
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