FAQ - Bgaze Therapy

BGaze Therapy is normally offered to patients through specialized centers. Currently, we are developing a net over all Spain. If you are interested in being part of this net, please let us know by filling out the pre-registration form. If you are a private individual and you want your son or daughter to try BGaze Therapy, you can also let us know using the same form.
BGaze Therapy software works with Microsoft Windows version 7 or higher. Other operating systems (Apple MacOS, Linux, Android and Apple's iOS) are not yet supported.

Yes, the eye tracker is included and will be sent by postal mail together with the laptop.

No, for the BGaze Therapy App you don't need a powrful PC or laptop.
The BGaze Therapy games are designed for children and the validation has been done with children (7-14 years of age). Adults may also play the games but we have not yet validated the effectiveness of the games in adults.

The attention network of the brain closely works together with the network that controls eye movements. Then by training eye movement control, one trains attention as well. This is beneficial for patients with ADHD but also other mental disorder that show poor attention skill and insufficient eye movement control.

The game forces the patient to focus, follow or avoid to look at objects that appear on the screen. Direct feedback of the actual eye movement helps to control the eye movement and thereby training attention.

Both. But we recommend to use BGaze Therapy via professional clinics.
Pharmaceutical medication leverages the symptoms of ADHD by regulating neurotransmission. BGaze Therapy is believed to train the neural network of attention and has therefore a different effect. We donĀ“t know yet whether BGaze Therapy can act as an alternative to ADHD medication